Having regard to Article 5(b) of the Convention on the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development of 14th December 1960;

Having regard to the Recommendation of the Council of 18th June 1974 on Guidelines for Action to Reduce Emissions of Sulphur Oxides and Particulate Matter from Fuel Combustion in Stationary Sources [Doc. No. C(74)16(Final)];

Considering that the atmosphere is an essential resource requiring careful management due to its limited capability to disperse and cleanse itself of the many substances rejected to it;

Considering the difference in socio-economic conditions and in legislative and administrative structures in different countries and regions;

Considering that transport of pollution from major sources of emission may affect conditions in relatively unpolluted regions, both within and beyond national frontiers;

Considering that different measures may be required to improve conditions in the urban industrialised regions from those necessary for the protection of relatively unpolluted areas;

On the proposal of the Environment Committee;

I.            RECOMMENDS that the Governments of Member countries should strive with all practicable speed:

(a)        to reduce emissions of sulphur oxides and particulate matter;

(i)         by applying the best available abatement techniques for these pollutants;

(ii)        by encouraging the expanded and more efficient production as well as the more effective use of clean fuels;

(b)        to develop and apply measures for reducing emissions of nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons;

(c)        to encourage the utilisation of monitoring and surveillance systems, including monitoring of emissions, as an integral aspect of implementing air pollution control policies;

(d)        to monitor and assess the effects associated with deposition of sulphur compounds and acidity of precipitation.

II.           INSTRUCTS the Environment Committee to assess the action taken pursuant to this Recommendation and to report thereon to the Council.

In adopting this recommendation, the Council AGREED that, in accordance with the Press Communiqué adopted by the Environment Ministers, it has been made public.