The Council,

Having regard to Article 5(b) of the Convention on the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development of 14th December 1960;

Considering that difficulties are being encountered by international maritime transport and fishing in securing necessary bunker supplies;

Considering that disruption of normal bunkering operations would have disturbing effects for Member countries and world trade generally;

I.            RECOMMENDS that Governments of Member countries observe the following guidelines regarding the supply of bunker requirements for international shipping and fishing:

(a)        to give priority to bunker requirements, to the extent that these requirements correspond to traditional bunkering patterns of international shipping and fishing;

(b)        to refrain, on a reciprocal basis, from discrimination on the basis of nationality of ships;

(c)        to promote the most efficient means of reducing consumption of bunker fuels, such as lowering the speed of ships.

II.           INVITES the Secretary-General to report to the Council, at an appropriate time, on the bunker supply situation and on the implementation of this Recommendation.

In adopting this Recommendation, the Council:

1.            NOTED the Note by the Secretary-General of 26th December 1973 on the Supply of Bunker Fuels for Maritime Transport and Fishing [Doc. No. C(73)257] .

2.            AGREED that the Recommendation should be derestricted;

3.            INSTRUCTED the Oil Committee to follow the implementation of the Recommendation in liaison with the Maritime Transport and Fisheries Committees;

4.            INVITED the Secretary-General to inform non-Member countries, through the appropriate channels, of the Recommendation in order to obtain the widest possible observance of these guidelines;

5.            NOTED the statements and comments made by certain Delegates during the discussion.