HAVING REGARD to Article 5(b) of the Convention on the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development of 14th December 1960;

HAVING REGARD to the Experts’ Report of 17th March 1965 on Agriculture and Economic Growth and the Comments made by the Committee for Agriculture at its meeting of 18th June 1965 on that Report, as well as the views expressed by the Economic Policy Committee at its meeting on 7th-8th July 1965 on that Report [Doc. Nos. AGR(65)12/CPE(65)4, AGR (65)24, C(65)77];

HAVING REGARD to the Report by the Committee for Agriculture of 26th May 1965 on Interrelationships between Income and Supply Problems in Agriculture [Doc. No. AGR(65)l(1st Revision)];

On the proposal of the Committee for Agriculture;

I.            RECOMMENDS Member Governments, in determining their agricultural policies, to take into consideration the conclusions of the Report on Interrelationships between Income and Supply Problems in Agriculture, referred to above.

II.           CALLS THE ATTENTION of Member Governments to the Experts’ Report on Agriculture and Economic Growth, referred to above.

In adopting this Recommendation, the Council:

1.            AGREED that the Report by the Group of Experts of 17th March 1965, referred to above, should be published with the Comments by the Committee for Agriculture, referred to above, attached as a preface;

2.            NOTED the Resolution of the Committee for Agriculture adopted at the meeting at Ministerial level on 18th June 1965 regarding the future work of the Committee [AGR(65)24].