HAVING REGARD to Article 13 (c) of the Convention for European Economic Co-operation of 16th April 1948;

HAVING REGARD to the Instructions given by the Council to the Oil Committee at its 417th Meeting on 30th and 31st July 1958 [Doc. No. C/M (58) 25 (Part I)];[1]

HAVING REGARD to the Interim Report of the Oil Committee of 11th April 1960 on the Apportionment of Oil Supplies in an Emergency [Doc. No. PE (60) 2];

I.            RECOMMENDS Member Governments:

1.            To prepare, in advance, plans that will enable them to introduce prompt and effective reductions in consumption of petroleum products if an oil supply emergency should occur;

2.            To set up and/or maintain committees representing the oil industry at national level.

II.           DECIDES to set up, if an emergency should arise, an international industry advisory body to advise the Oil Committee on matters relating to the availability of oil for Europe, and to assist in the physical implementation of the Oil Committee’s recommendations for the apportionment of available supplies.

In adopting this Recommendation, the Council INSTRUCTED the Secretary-General to draw the Oil Committee’s attention to the importance it attached to the Oil Committee making recommendations on the manner of distributing supplies in an emergency [see paragraph 5 of the Interim Report of the Oil Committee of 11th April 1960 referred to above].

[1]     See Vol. 18 of the Acts, p. 481.