HAVING REGARD to Article 13(c) of the Convention for European Economic Co-operation of 16th April 1948;

CONSIDERING the value to Member countries to facilitating international tourism and, to this end, of extending to their own residents certain Customs tolerances similar to those already granted to foreign tourists in pursuance of the Decisions of the Council of 28th. January 1955, extended and amended by the Decisions of the Council of 28th January 1958;

On the proposal of the Tourism Committee;

I.            RECOMMENDS Member Governments to grant, subject to the limitations provided for in paragraph 3, the following minimum customs facilities to tourists returning to their countries of residence from travel abroad:

1.            Exemption for:

(a)        100 cigarettes, or 20 cigars, or 100 grammes of tobacco, or up to 100 grammes of an assortment thereof;

(b)        1 bottle of wine of normal capacity and 1/4 litre of spirits;

(c)        1/4 litre of toilet water and a small quantity of perfume;

(d)        Eatables needed for the journey.

2.            Exemption up to 12 E.P.U. units of account calculated on the basis of normal value in the country of purchase, for articles and provisions carried by the said tourists, exclusive of those mentioned in paragraph 1 and those prohibited for other than economic considerations, such as motives of public morality, public safety, hygiene or public health, or veterinary or phytopathological considerations.

3.            The exceptions granted under paragraphs 1 and 2 may:

(a)        Be limited to articles and provisions:

           Imported in hand luggage or registered luggage, if these are submitted simultaneously to the customs examination, and if no single article imported under the provisions of paragraph 2 exceeds in value the amount of 12 E.P.U. units of account provided for;

           Imported by a tourist aged 17 or over;

           Intended for the personal use of the tourist or his family , and not for commercial purposes;

(b)        Not apply to frontier traffic and to tourists staying abroad for less than twenty four hours.

II.           DECIDES that Member countries shall report to the Organisation by 31st Match 1959 at the latest, on the steps they have taken to implement this Recommendation.

In adopting this Recommandation, the Council TOOK NOTE of the particular conditions under which this Recommendation was accepted by the Delegates for Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands and Turkey.