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Multilateral Guidelines (Extract from the Annex to the Decision establishing a Steel Committee)
26 October 1978 - C(78)171/FINAL
Amended on
4 November 2008 - C(2008)163
By the proposed renewal of the OECD Steel Committee Mandate
12 November 2013 - C(2013)87 - C(2013)87/CORR1
By the Resolution of the Council revising the mandate of the Steel Committee

III. Commitments

4.   Members and Associates in the Steel Committee agree to the following guidelines:

a)   To abstain from destructive competition in official support of export credit; they agree that their policies in the field of export credits for steel plant and equipment will be fully consistent with the Arrangement on Guidelines for Officially Supported Export Credits and contribute to the avoidance of competitive subsidisation of such exports.

b)   Domestic policies to sustain steel firms during crisis periods should not shift the burden of adjustment to other countries and thus increase the likelihood of restrictive trade actions by other countries (e.g. by artificially stimulating exports or by artificially displacing imports). Further, as a general rule, domestic measures should not prevent marginal facilities from closing in those instances where the facilities cannot become commercially viable within a reasonable period of time.

c)   To make every effort to provide effective programmes for steel worker readaptation away from facilities affected by structural adjustments into alternative employment. To this end, they will periodically exchange information on the effectiveness of policies and programmes to assist steel workers and communities.

d)   To report promptly any action to restrict trade in steel-making materials and allow for consultation with affected parties.”

Non-Member Adherents [*]   


  • Adherence date: 17 June 1996


  • Adherence date: 20 September 1993


  • Adherence date: 5 September 1990


  • Adherence date: 3 July 2006

Russian Federation

  • Adherence date: 23 November 2007


  • Adherence date: 31 May 2007


  • Adherence date: 23 November 2006
Relevant body:
Steel Committee

[*] Adherence date is the exchange of letter date (most recent date if two dates available). Korea became Member of the Organisation on 12 December 1996. Mexico became Member of the Organisation on 18 May 1994. Slovenia became Member of the Organisation on 21 July 2010.
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